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Because we recognize the profound capacity and generosity of companion animals to comfort, entertain, teach, and even heal the humans around them, we at ABPC promise to "return the favor" by going above and beyond the mere basic and humane necessities of pet care to additionally attend to the emotional, mental, and instinctual well-being of your beloved 4-legged family members with every visit. If you see yourself in this philosophy, then ABPC is for you.
          We never spend  less than 30 quality minutes with your pets, attentively and affectionately tailoring activities to their exact needs.  This means visits can last 35 to 40 minutes each.  We specialize in a small geographic area like Rogers park to enable this policy: we aren't wasting time traveling between pets but instead spending as much time as
 possible with each.
For more thorough information about the services below, click here, Unique Services, or click the tab at right of the same name.
Play groups and field trips
  We love socially oriented pets - an especially natural state for most dog breeds.  With this service, pack-oriented dogs can come out with us and fulfill this instinctive need to be with their own kind.
 Massage and Reiki
 We can incorporate relaxing massage and Reiki (energy healing) into visits, especially before leaving, to ease stresses or anxieties.
 Derived from Feldenkrais technique, small circular finger-motions seem to quiet the mind and release muscular tension.
 Yes, you heard right.  Meditating (specifically TM) in the company of animals can actually affect and calm their mental state just as it does humans.
Animal Communication
 We are students and aficionados of this art.  Ask us for a message from your pet and we'll give it a try!
We are fully insured and bonded.  Click here for proof of policy. 
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Here is our Cook County DBA certificate.
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