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Insured, Bonded, PSA Member
  1. To spend maximum amount of time possible with your pets, including at least 3 walks (for dogs) of 30+ minutes each. 
  2. To spend evenings playing with pets, or if desired, use meditation, massage, etc. as additional treats for your pets.
  3. To go beyond basic needs and reducing separation anxiety so that your pet(s) love seeing us and barely miss you!
  4. To leave your home at the same level of cleanliness in which we found it, if not better! (we’ll wash sheets, towels)
  5. To be conscientious and protective of your home so you can feel completely at ease while you’re away. 
  6. To plan in advance for home or pet emergencies. 
  7. To respect your wishes as regards care and  use of house and its items; to obey any policies governing your property (especially true for condos and apartments). 
  8. To be respectful and courteous to neighbors and concerned others during the pet sitting engagement.
  1. Fill out veterinary authorization.
  2. Payment due in full at or prior to first visit.
  3. Prices subject to change without prior notice.
Overnight  Mon – Thurs.            $95 - 70    
Overnight   Fri – Sun                  $100 - 75
Per additional pet                      +5 / night
National Holiday surcharge    +15 / night 
Special needs fees (medicines, transport, etc.) may apply                                                              
Proof of Insurance - click here to link.
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