"...returning the favor"

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Brought up in a family of gifted animal lovers, advocates, and 'whisperers,' Bev Spangler found it gratifyingly easy to earn a living in pet care while still in graduate school 11 years ago. Being outdoors, exercising, and enjoying the vibrancy of spirit in animals every day -what could be more fun?


Ever the student, Bev loves learning from / about animals. And knowing that so many domesticated animals are really doing us a favor by 'jumping species' to hang out with us instead of exclusively with their own kind, it seems only right to "return the favor" by giving them as much fun, pleasure and gratitude as possible, however we can. Hence, the philosophy behind Above and Beyond.

So fun in fact that when Bev obtained fulltime work in the corporate sector 8 years ago, (Bev is also a management trainer/coach) she kept up with pet sitting as a fun side income. Now self- employed and still part time in the corporate sector, pet care is, as ever a passion and a natural easy fit. For Bev, it's following Bliss.